The First Online Platform
Dedicated to Sharing Leads

"Experiencing freedom and enhancing network while working has always been the freelancer’s dream. Now, we at Leadwop have built this platform to reward trust-based business culture while creating impactful outcomes for freelancers and clients globally. "

LeadSwop is a reputation-based networking platform for the exchange of clients among digital freelancers worldwide. Our mission is clear—to create freedom and independence for freelance talents globally.

Freedom plays a HUGE role in skill enhancement and a work-life balance. With independence, freelancers get to work with the right partners, right clients, and the right job!

Discover Freedom
in Work

We built an efficient, intuitive, and effective networking platform for freelancers that nurtures the values of trust and sharing within the digital community.

LeadSwop operates an independent referral system where freelancers create their own network, recommend, and choose their working conditions.

It’s always a privilege to work with the people we trust and rely on. LeadSwop is based on the core values of RECOMMENDATION and REFERRAL among community members.

We believe, by building a strong partner network, every business can blossom on all levels, and on both sides—clients and partners.

Embrace Partners
You Truly Trust

Because Sharing Just Feels Right!

At the heart of every success, is the RIGHT CONNECTION. We set out to innovate an open platform for free sharing among members of our community. One where besides whipping up their ALL-STAR network, users can always share their partners and clients with other community members.

Our digital community is built on trust + mutual sharing… which only drives the best rewards for active community participation. ONE swopped lead at a time, we aim to become the only global online platform digital freelancers need to grow their business — efficiently!

Alongside our community members, we’re raising the roof on what your skills can accomplish across boundaries, while creating meaningful connections that’ll unlock next levels.

. . . all of this’ll be a long shot without you, though.

Fuelled by our mission, we’re on our way to CO-CREATING a healthy ecosystem of freelancing. One where you don’t only get to earn your keep, but also actively smash expectations to take on more.

We’re rooting for you! 🙂