Frequently Asked Question


LeadSwop is not a job marketplace. It’s trust-based networking and client-sharing tool made for digital freelancers. The core idea is based on sharing clients among trusted freelancers.

Leads are the clients of your partners that are in active need of your service (or vice versa).

Partners are users on the platform that you have added to your circle of trusted professionals.

Reputation is based on two main scores:

Quality score – the percentage of Leads you have sent and that are accepted by your Partner.

Conversion Score – the percentage of accepted Leads that become actual Clients.

Credits are used to accept new leads offered to you by your partners. Accepting a lead costs you a credit for example.

LeadSwop credits have value only on the platform. We believe that earning money for being active on the network would have a negative influence on the sharing concept we stand for.

Free credits are earned through inviting new members to LeadSwop and accepted Leads from Partners.


Because the clients that are shared have no membership or account on the platform.

We have a freemium account which you can switch to anytime you want.


We are always looking for freelance talent, so shoot us a message at and let us know how you can help!

No, that depends on the type of branch your freelance partners work in. You can find all kinds of jobs from local and offline to international online.


When you create your free account you can save the app to your mobile’s home screen. No more downloading or updating needed!

Click the support pop-up at the right lower corner and we are glad to answer your questions immediately via chat. Or, leave your question at

Mobile App

You don’t! Just save it to your main screen.

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At first only the teaser, as in information about the job like due date, the scope of work, budget estimate and the type of job.

When you or your partner accepts this lead, the contact info is shown and you communicate about the job in detail.

Only your partners who have accepted this lead.